Bimbel Tes Masuk IUP Faculty of Law UGM 

Sehubungan dengan semakin membaiknya kondisi pandemi selama masa PPKM, PRIVASI mulai membuka kembali program bimbel secara TATAP MUKA (offline) untuk calon siswa IUP LAW UGM di seluruh Indonesia.

Program TATAP MUKA yang tetap memberlakukan prokes (protokol kesehatan) ketat ini berlaku khusus untuk program VVIP (privat) di wilayah Jabodetabek dan Joglosemar (Jogja Solo Semarang)

Info lebih lanjut, silakan hubungi nomor Contact Person di kantor PRIVASI terdekat

Materi Bimbel

1. Gajah Mada Scholastic Test (GMST)

  • Verbal Test
  • Numeric Test
  • Reasoning Test

2. AcEPT (Academic English Proficiency Test)

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar & Structure
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Composing Skills

3. FGD (Focus Group Discussion) 

4. Interview Test

 *) Target AcEPT Score minimal 268 (setara dengan skor ITP TOEFL 500)

     Target GMST Score minimal 600






  • Privat 1 tutor 1 siswa
    • Siswa bebas menentukan lokasi bimbel (bisa di rumah / kost siswa atau di kantor PRIVASI) khusus untuk wilayah Jabodetabek dan Joglosemar (Jogja Solo Semarang)
    • Siswa bebas menentukan jam belajar sesuai dengan waktu luang siswa
    • Modul GMST, AcEPT
    • Handouts Interview
    • Bank soal tes masuk IUP FK UGM
    • Ringkasan materi
    • Realia
    • Aplikasi belajar online
    • Free AcEPT Prediction Test
    • Try out online berkala
    • Interview simulation
  • Jaminan 100% UANG KEMBALI (di atas meterai rangkap 2)


Jenis Test


 Day #1


  (Gadjah Mada Scholastic Test)

120 questions

120  minutes

 Day #2


175 questions

150 minutes

 Day #3

  FGD (Focus Group Discussion)



  Interview Test

15 - 20 minutes



The IUP Faculty of Law UGM academically focuses on three innovative legal areas of concentration namely Business law, International Law, Constitutional Law. The distribution of concentration courses are as follows:

Business Law

  1. Company Law
  2. Banking Law and Regulation
  3. Agreement in the WTO
  4. Capital Market Law
  5. Insurance Law
  6. Competition Law

International Law

  1. International Human Rights Law
  2. International Dispute Resolution
  3. Law of Treaties
  4. Law of the Sea
  5. Diplomatic Law
  6. International Criminal Law

Constitutional Law

  1. Comparative Constitutional Law
  2. Executive-Legislative Relations
  3. Indonesian Judiciary
  4. Electoral Law
  5. Local Government Law
  6. The Presidency

Law has an ever-increasing impact on modern-day society. The role of law is growing and developing within the context of international relations, national structures, and relationships between individuals.

FH UGM has a long and well-established tradition of excellent legal education in Indonesia. This institution is well known as both one of the oldest law schools in the country and one of the best. FH UGM has educated lawyers in Indonesia for over six decades. There are now around 1,800 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels pursuing exemplary legal education in the Faculty. Providing instructions for these students is a body of academic staff of over 90 lecturers whose expertise extends across nearly every aspects of the law.


To be an undergraduate program which has international orientation, competitiveness spirit and is inspired by Pancasila, the five-point ideology for the interest of the nation.


  1. To conduct international standard education in undergraduate degree program;
  2. To fulfill the need of legal expert who has good conduct, global insight and has international competitiveness for benefit of national interest;
  3. To develop critical thought and to give knowledge and skill towards students to understand and apply legal perspective and regulations with global perspective;
  4. To collaborate with stakeholders in the country and related institution in international level.


The program requires 144 credits of courses, including fieldwork or internship and thesis. The standard duration for the program is 4 years comprise 8 semesters. Graduating from IUP Faculty of Law Universitas Gadjah Mada, a student will be granted of S.H. (Sarjana Hukum) equivalent with LL.B (Legum Baccalaureus).

 Program Benefits

  • Dual Degree from University of South Carolina USA (S.H., J.D.), from Maastricht University (S.H., LL.B) and from Charles Darwin University (S.H., LL.B.)
  • Exchange Program with Partners Universities (Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Groningen, Utrecht University, University of Toulouse1 Capitole, Nagoya University) and many more
  • International Workshop and Seminar
  • Intensive Legal Writing Course
  • Visiting Professors
  • Two times Internship in government offices, private offices & Prominent International offices


  1. Senior High School (SMU) or equivalent (Graduates of 2017, 2016, 2015)
  2. Indonesian High School (SMU) or the equivalent graduates with good academic records
  3. A-Level qualification, IB qualification, or equal to Indonesian High School qualification
  4. English Language Proficiency with a TOEFL of at least 500 (170-International TOEFL (CBT), 60 Internet Based Test) or IELTS no less than 5.5

Candidates whose score is below the minimum requirement must satisfy within one semester

  1. Pass Academic Potential Test
  2. Pass Interview Test